About Sparkman Nutrition

The food you eat plays a major role in your overall health and wellbeing. Working with a registered dietitian nutritionist can be one of the best ways to start establishing the positive nutrition habits you need for a lifetime of good health. At Sparkman Nutrition in Austin, TX, we provide the education, tools and insight you need to make the right choices for optimal health.

Alexa Sparkman MA, RD, LD

A nationally recognized specialist, Alexa Sparkman has more than 30 years of experience in nutrition therapy and behavioral change. She is uniquely qualified to counsel people of all ages toward a healthier way of eating, renewed lifestyle and wellness. Alexa is a well-sought-after source and has been quoted in major metropolitan publications including Texas Monthly, Austin American-Statesman and local favorite Austin Fit Magazine, where she is also a contributing writer.

As a lecturer in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, Alexa taught nutrition counseling skills to upper-level undergraduates and works as a preceptor with the Coordinated Program in Dietetics.

Anne Wilfong RD, LD

Anne Wilfong holds bachelor’s degrees in both nutrition and business from the University of Texas at Austin. As a registered dietitian, she works closely with clients to encourage personal behavior modification to achieve their goals. Anne is particularly interested in oncology nutrition and works with patients to improve their overall nutrition status and manage side effects associated with cancer treatment. She enjoys working with groups and offers several wellness seminars to small and large corporations. As a participant in local races Anne recognizes the importance of sports nutrition and can help you develop the right nutrition plan for your performance.

You can find Anne's recipes published in Austin Fit Magazine.