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Employee Wellness Programs in Austin, TX

The healthier your employees are, the more productive they’re likely to be. When your employees eat right and properly manage their health, research has shown:

Reduced healthcare costs

Decreased rates of illness or injury

Decreased short-term sick leave

Decreased stress

Increased morale, self-esteem, and wellbeing

Increased productivity

A study conducted at Harvard University demonstrated a decrease of $3.27 in medical costs and $2.73 in absentee day costs for every dollar spent on corporate wellness program. Investing in the health of your employees can help businesses save money and increase employee satisfaction. To help your employees optimize their health, call Sparkman Nutrition in Austin, TX to learn more about corporate programs.

It's Never Too Late for an Education

Sparkman Nutrition offers a variety of corporate programs to teach working adults about nutrition. With Sparkman Nutrition, your employees will receive a first-rate, easy-to-grasp education from a nutritionist about making healthy choices at the supermarket, at the family dinner table, and at restaurants. They’ll get great healthy recipes and learn what their bodies need in terms of vitamins.

Corporate programs created by a dietitian can keep the whole office health-conscious. So call us today to learn more and help your workers make the healthiest choices.