What Our Clients Are Saying

I have always thought part of my issues with food were related to my Dad’s rejection and telling me at 12 years old when I was 5’9” and 120 pounds that I was fat.  If I had not gone through the sessions with you, I do not think I would have been able to link this together.  I am trying to feel these feelings instead of dulling it with food…The time we [spent working] this year made such an impact on my life.  I feel like I now have new skills to help in my relationships with kids, husband, family and friends.  Most importantly, I continue to work on being kinder to myself!  It is not always easy, but putting on my “observer hat” instead of my critical hat is something that has helped tremendously.  Things are going well and my weight is creeping down. I have really worked at thinking about every food choice as I make it (75% of the time).  I have started gathering facts more before I eat, like testing blood sugar level, hunger and how it falls within schedule times.  If I know I am going to sit down for dinner in an hour, I have learned to limit what I eat now so I can enjoy a meal with my family. I am happy to report my blood glucose numbers continue to go down.  ---Susan


Okay, so I know you have heard this before but your program is the only one that worked for me and though I have tried [other programs] in many shapes and forms since, it doesn't work as long as I am stuck with a plan of eating that I have to follow! I have not gained weight since your program but having difficulty losing the remaining 40 pounds.. I have managed to lose and keep off 50 pounds...for which I am very grateful thanks to you and your program! I plateaued though and since have tried every kind of food plan to continue the weight loss and it just has not happened, have you ever heard of a  3 year plateau?  a few years later...  Many blessings to you and for the record, I have surrendered a total of 58 pounds since working with you...never gained the weight back and continue to lose, I wear a size 12 pants today and this is really a miracle from weighing 230 pounds seven years ago!  It has been a long and gradual process of awareness, acceptance and willingness.


I sought Alexa's help in order to lose weight. One of the issues remaining from the dark time in my life was a low self-esteem/poor body image. In one phase, I was embarrassed to leave the house because I was afraid to be seen in my fat suit. In the Overcoming Mind Hunger group, Alexa introduced me to the tools that helped me uncover important truths about food and my relationship with it.  Using these tools and building on that knowledge, I came to realize that my obsessions over body image were coming between all my relationships, especially my relationship with God. In simple terms, I was offering my body on the altar of a narcissistic god (our dysfunctional culture of fashion and success) of whom I could never please.  Alexa is a voice calling out into our insane cultural wilderness of fad diets, unrealistic body size and the like, that we are spoon fed by the media and the fashion industry. While her educational credentials were hard earned and give her the expertise to counsel others on issues of nutrition, her wisdom speaks the simple truth. We can never be skinny, successful, perfect, nice or smart enough as long as we are putting our hope and trust in these false gods our society has manufactured. Life is not about being skinny tomorrow. It is all about being present in this moment to receive and relish the gifts God has made available.


Medically, things are looking good, and my doctor is supportive of my efforts and adjusting my blood pressure meds as I've dropped weight. I seldom binge, and the binges are minor in comparison to the ones in my past. I credit my success to [our work] to confront my eating issues. I'm proud of my accomplishments. Thanks for helping me reach this point.